Dear Cancer – What are you?

Word CANCER itself is a bit scary. I don’t think there is a single person on this planet that had not had something important taken away by it: ease of mind, a piece of their own body. A friend, a family member. One’s own taken over and away by that scary creature…

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However I want us to look at it with a bit of perspective, a mix of curiosity and respect. As if you were looking at a thief. To try to keep the thief away, the best method is to understand how he might operate. To take that cold and scary feeling away, let’s call it Mr.C.

OK Mr.C. here we go!

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Mr.C. can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. What is his trick? He picks his home (location) and accommodates there. He can only do that if he finds access to our library, picks the right book and modifies our instructions. This way he will take control over a certain cooking process. If he is good at what he does, he will make sure the new instructions will be super quick and in no time the kitchen is full of his new invention. The problem is, it is OUR kitchen…

How serious it is depends on how good he is at what he does but let’s focus on two things:

  • where he is cooking
  • what he is cooking


I guess there is no good place to start, as we do not want him anywhere in the first place, but let’s go top to bottom: our brain, our lungs, our breasts, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, colon. Skin, lymphatic system etc. If we want him out then it is logical that the sooner we find out the better we can get rid of him.  Plus we have a chance to get our kitchen back to where it was.


Well, he can make something like popcorn, which pops up in no time, and might be easy to clean up. He might be cooking a soup which does not increase that quickly in volume, can be cleaned up well with a spoon, but once out of the container is difficult to gather back together. The worst I guess can be something like… toffee. It will stick and get attached to the container so strongly that getting it out will make a massive mess.

This why Mr.C. falls into different categories as far as growth and ‘stickiness’ is concerned. He will get a first name depending where he decides to cook, and a second name or a score depending how good he is at what he does.

Next time we will look into what we can do to keep him out and if unfortunately in, how can we knock him down and throw out the door.

PS. If you want to refresh the concept of DNA to apply it to Mr.C. here is the link to my DNA concept:

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