Cancer – how to build that house so it stands strong?

De-Science the Science

So we have had a look at what tricks Mr.C uses to get in. What we shouldn’t or event mustn’t do (in case you have missed the previous two, here is Cancer- how to keep the thief out and Cancer – what are you?). But is there anything that we can do to make our walls stronger, or foundations firmer?

Yes there is.

Some sources list physical inactivity and obesity as one of causes of cancer.  I did not mention in in my previous post, as I view it in a different way. I am sure that it is true that 30 to 35% of cancer deaths is related to physical inactivity and obesity. However I think that it is strongly connected with the lifestyle choices leading to weak foundations. It is not a cause in most cases but rather a lack of defense.  If our body is strong and focused it can more easily…

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